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Lithium extractant

Suitable for the extraction of metallic lithium in alkaline systems, this extractant can effectively extract and separate lithium ions in high sodium solutions. The lithium sodium separation coefficient is high, and lithium can be efficiently extracted from salt lake brine or other lithium containing leaching solutions. It is currently the best lithium ion extractant developed and used domestically and internationally, and can be widely used for the acquisition and recovery of primary and secondary lithium resources.

DY316 Lithium extract

Suitable for the extraction of metal lithium in the alkaline system. In high sodium solutions, this extracting agent can effectively extract separation of lithium ions, high lithium sodium separation coefficient, and efficient lithium extract from salt lake brine or other lithium impregnation. The best lithium ion extract agent can be used for the acquisition and recycling of first and second lithium resources.

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Founded in 2002, Deyuan Chemical is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development and application of extractants.

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