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Turning waste into treasure, turning stone into gold

Founded in 2002, Deyuan Chemical is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development and application of extractants. Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, the company has been pioneering and innovative, forging ahead, and has always been at the forefront of research and development and application of extractants.

Deyuan Chemical always firmly believes that science and technology are productive forces, and takes scientific and technological innovation as the strategy of high-quality development of enterprises. In 2012, a technology research and development center was established, and it has successively joined forces with many universities and scientific research institutes to continuously increase research and development efforts. So far, it has developed more than ten extractant products and obtained a number of invention patents.

Deyuan Chemical has always implemented the principle of quality first and technology first. According to the scientific and technological intelligent standard construction, the company has built a "garden factory", taken a low-carbon and environmental protection route, guided the green development of enterprises, and the automation degree of production equipment has reached more than 97%. DCS, GDS and SIS systems all adopt domestic well-known brands. Independent quality control center, perfect quality control system and advanced precision testing and inspection instruments and equipment at home and abroad protect the product quality.

Deyuan Chemical adheres to the concept of "integrity-based, service-oriented", and strives to do a good job in products and services. The implementation of "long-term, free, full, fast" service measures, for high-quality products to support quality services.

In 2022, the new plant was completed and put into operation in the nylon industry cluster area of Pingdingshan City, marking that the company has stepped forward and embarked on a new journey of development.

In the past 20 years, Deyuan Chemical has been innovating and walking continuously, turning small factories into standardized enterprises. Facing the new future, Deyuan Chemical will continue to take technological innovation as the leading factor, product as the core, and efficient service as the purpose.

2002 Year

Deyuan was founded in

65 mu.

Floor Area



DY301 、 DY302 extractants applied for national patents


DY319 extractant applied for national patent


DY366 extractant applied for national patent


Application for National Patent for a Preparation Method of Aromatic Phenol Ketone


Applying for a national patent for the process method of treating laterite nickel ore leaching solution with a combination of extractants


Efficient nickel cobalt separation and extraction agent DY272 has obtained a national invention patent


Special complexing agent for copper extractant and its preparation method applied for national patent


Successfully developed the preparation method of dialkyl hypophosphoric acid


The company has established a technology research and development center


Copper extractant obtained national invention patent


Successful pilot test of ketoxime in copper extractant


Synthesis of Ketoxime in the Development of Copper Extractant


Production of extractants P204 、 P507


Synthesis of Organic and Inorganic Fine Chemicals


Continuous system improvement

"Eight-to-one improvement" fine control measures

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Modernization of production equipment

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Workshop environment clean

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strict quality management

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Procedural production operation

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Related management standardization

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institutionalization of personnel training

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Safety and environmental protection standards

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Normalization of environmental sanitation

Enterprise culture

To create value for customers, and to protect our environment, improve people's quality of life

Deyuan Vision

Duxing innovation strength is superior

Deyuan Mission

"Extract" into steel "fine" refinement

Deyuan Values

Technology innovation as the leading, efficient service for the purpose

Service concept

Integrity-based, service-oriented

Service measures

"Long-term, free, full, fast"

New future

Innovation, non-stop

Factory appearance

Science and technology intelligent standard, to create a "garden factory"

There are thousands of changes in the integration of bits and bits.

Extract essence

Deyuan Chemical

Founded in 2002, Deyuan Chemical is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development and application of extractants.

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