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Strategic positioning of the company

The strategic position is to become a leader in the industry, continuously improve customer value through innovation, and create sustainable growth for customers and shareholders. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services, and constantly promote the development and progress of the industry.

Customer Orientation

We firmly believe that customers are the most important assets of the company, so customer orientation is at the core of our strategic layout. We actively listen to customer needs, through market research and customer feedback, and constantly improve services to meet customer expectations and needs. We are committed to building long-term relationships and enhancing customer loyalty through continuous service excellence.


Innovation is an important part of our strategic layout. We encourage employees to put forward new ideas and methods, and constantly seek innovation and breakthrough. We invest significant resources in R & D and innovation to enhance the competitiveness and added value of our products.

International layout

We are aware of the great potential and importance of the international market, so the international layout is one of our strategic priorities. We actively expand overseas markets, looking for opportunities to expand our business scope and increase our brand influence and market share. We focus on understanding the market size, characteristics and needs of different countries and regions, and formulate corresponding strategies and marketing plans. At present, we have set up factories and warehouses in Zambia, Africa.

Talent cultivation

Talent is an important support for the development of the company, so talent training is an indispensable part of our strategic layout. We focus on the professional development of our employees, providing training and development opportunities to motivate employees to develop their potential and creativity. We also focus on bringing in talented people and building a diverse and dynamic team to meet the challenges of a changing market.

Actions and plans

In order to achieve the above strategic layout, we have formulated the following actions and plans:

1. Strengthen market research and analysis, in-depth understanding of customer needs and market trends, timely adjustment and optimization of products and services.

2. Continue to invest resources in R & D and innovation, and increase innovation efforts to provide more competitive products and solutions.

3. Expand investment and layout in the international market, strengthen cooperation with overseas partners, and increase international market share.

4. Improve the system of personnel training and development, and establish an incentive mechanism to attract and retain talents.

5. Strengthen team collaboration and communication, and build an efficient organizational structure to improve work efficiency and business execution.

Through the above strategic layout and specific action plans, we will further consolidate the company's leading position in the industry and achieve sustainable development and growth.

We will continue to pay attention to market changes and customer needs, and constantly adjust and optimize the strategic layout to maintain competitive advantage and create greater value.

Deyuan Chemical

Founded in 2002, Deyuan Chemical is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development and application of extractants.

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