【 Briefing 】 Outdoor expansion training for all members of the "Hurricane Strike Team Teamwork"


In order to enhance team cohesion and enhance communication and exchange among employees in various departments, the company's comprehensive department organized and completed the "Hurricane Attack, Team Teamwork" expansion training activity from June 10-11, 2023. A total of 50 employees participated in this training.

This training was held in the beautiful and pleasant natural environment of Lushan Thrushcross Valley. On the first day of the "Ice Breaking" class, everyone formed two teams: the "Tiger Team" and the "Kill the Wolf". The team leader and political commissar were selected, and the "team slogan" was determined. A powerful and inspiring "team song" was written, and the team style was demonstrated under the leadership of the team leader. During the "Ice Breaking" class, each team was full of spirit and fighting spirit, and the entire classroom had teacher-student interaction and was full of fun.

Two teams began training in outdoor expansion projects under the leadership of coaches "White Wolf" and "Black Eagle".

In the training activity, everyone successfully completed training projects such as "blindfold obstacle", "co building home", "graduation wall", and "trust back fall" with a brave, confident, and cooperative team spirit.

On the evening of June 10th, with the cooperation and efforts of all employees, a wonderful evening program was presented in just 40 minutes of preparation time.

Three and a half sentences, male female duets, affectionate solos, dances, and other programs made the staff on stage continuously applaud, laugh, and applaud. Finally, in the chorus "Friends", the party reached its climax, and all the staff lit up their flashlights and sang along: "A word, a lifetime of love, a glass of wine, friends have never been alone" The party came to a perfect end.

On the afternoon of June 11th, under the guidance of the coach, there was a "Directional Crossing" jungle competition and the training ended in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.

This training left a deep impression on everyone and was thought-provoking. In the activity, each member is an actor, reflector, theorist, and practitioner, who can explore different ideas and absorb different nutrients from different projects and levels. Everyone expressed that through this training, they have discovered themselves, melted the team, enhanced understanding, and communicated emotions, allowing everyone to truly understand what mutual trust is, what effective communication is, and what team collaboration is. They also expressed their intention to continuously deepen the insights and experiences gained during the training and apply them to practical work.

This training has played a good promoting role in improving the overall quality of employees, strengthening communication and collaboration between departments and individuals, and enhancing collective sense of honor and cohesion.

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