The Use and Application Fields of Cobalt

1. Cobalt is suitable for making alloys. Cobalt containing tool steel has excellent processability and wear resistance.

The commonly used alloy in aerospace technology is nickel based alloy, while cobalt based alloy can, but the "strength mechanism" of the two alloys is different. When the working temperature exceeds 1038 ℃, the advantages of cobalt based alloys become increasingly apparent. Cobalt based alloys can be used for more efficient high-temperature engines. The construction material used for aviation turbines is cobalt based alloy, which contains 20% to 27% chromium, which enables the material to achieve high oxidation resistance without the need for maintenance of the coating.

Cobalt metal is also widely used in industries such as electroplating, glass, dyeing, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.

4. Lithium cobalt oxide, made from lithium carbonate and cobalt oxide, is a widely used negative electrode material in modern high-energy batteries.

5. Cobalt can be used to make a type of cobalt shell that, after blasting, becomes a very serious radioactive floating dust.

The use of cobalt:

Cobalt oxide is a decolorizing agent and color paste for ceramic products. Cobalt containing glaze can enhance the fusion between enamel and steel. Organic compounds of cobalt are used as drying agents in paint. Cobalt is an essential element in the human body and exists as a positive ion. Cobalt is an effective component of vitamin B12 and is related to hematopoietic function. The daily intake of cobalt in a normal human body is approximately 5-45 micrograms. When the intake is too high, it can cause pneumonia, leading to symptoms such as heart disease, thyroid disease, and increased red blood cells. Cobalt -60 γ Radiation has certain effects on treating cancer in the human body.

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