The complete extraction process equipment for nickel cobalt lithium from waste batteries can achieve green production

In the recycling of waste lithium batteries, recycling metal materials such as cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium, iron, aluminum, etc. from lithium batteries can not only improve resource utilization efficiency but also reduce heavy metal pollution. However, in existing technologies, the recovery rates of manganese, nickel, cobalt, and lithium are relatively low, which cannot meet the needs of modern industry.

The solvent extraction method mainly utilizes appropriate extractants to extract and recover metal elements from lithium batteries.

1、 The specific process of solvent extraction includes leaching, impurity removal, extraction, washing, stripping, and regeneration

Specifically, after crushing and leaching of waste lithium batteries, metal elements dissolve into the leaching solution. After impurity removal and pH adjustment, select a suitable extraction agent. The commonly used extraction equipment currently is a centrifugal extractor. In this equipment, the extractant and leaching solution are injected into a centrifugal extractor, and metal elements are extracted through the extraction process. Subsequently, washing, stripping, and regeneration are carried out to achieve the extraction of metal elements, while the extractant is recovered and recycled to complete the entire extraction process.

2、 Tianyi extraction green extraction process equipment has four major advantages

Tianyi Extraction has developed a green extraction process equipment based on the new CWL-M extraction equipment. This process has the following characteristics: ① the extraction equipment occupies a small area and has high processing flexibility; ② Simple process flow and convenient operation; ③ The quality of the reverse extraction solution is stable, meeting different production requirements; ④ The residual amount of aqueous solvent after treatment is low, reducing the processing pressure in subsequent stages.

3、 The host equipment adopts a new type of CWL-M centrifugal extractor with ideal results

The main equipment adopts a new type of CWL-M centrifugal extractor, which has the following characteristics:

① Small footprint, with a single equipment model occupying less than 3.0m2;

② Adopting an upper hanging drum structure, the processing area has no bottom bearings or mechanical seals, and there is no risk of leakage. Maintenance costs and labor intensity are greatly reduced;

③ The equipment materials are diverse, and stainless steel, polymer composite materials, fluorine materials, titanium materials, etc. can be selected according to the specific system, with superior corrosion resistance;

④ Multiple mixed structures can be selected and suitable for easy emulsification systems;

⑤ Large processing capacity, more energy-efficient. Under the same processing capacity, its power consumption is 1/3-1/10 of that of traditional equipment of the same type;

⑥ The models are complete and can meet the needs of various stages from laboratory research to industrial application;

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